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Let's Share, Panda Bear children's picture book
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HINT:  They gave away their radiant color to illuminate the animal kingdom, rendering them colorless.

Panda bear reading children's picture book

Why are Panda Bears

"Let's Share, Panda Bear" is a frolicking, rhyming, adventure story about the kindness of sharing and the fictional reason why panda bears are black-and-white.

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Let's Share, Panda Bear Let's Share, Panda Bear children's picture book characters


Little Freckles Publishing was created by actor/author Leslie Stratton.  She has appeared in over 15 feature films, acting alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names. 

Before her acting career found success, Leslie was trained as a postpartum doula through D.O.N.A.  She truly loves helping families with their newborns and bringing her skillset to new parents.

During the Covid pandemic, Leslie started taking her writing hobby more seriously and "Little Freckles" was born.  Her first book, "Let's Share, Panda Bear" was inspired by her mother's love of pandas.  She hopes your little ones enjoy reading her books aloud over and over again.

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